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Andrew Kjelland

Sound Artist based in Wisconsin

InDreams- "YourDreamsMissYou" (AnAudioExploration), as well as, "TransmissionsFromTheVoid" (Transmission138), on (Below), SoundCloud, Google Podcasts, as well as iTunes and Spotify.

I also help record, edit, mix, and contribute to the Tea'sWeirdWeek Podcast (Tea Krulos/Heidi Erickson) available here on my FlatlineAudio138 SoundCloud, the TWW PodBean, or wherever you get your podcasts! Check it out!

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Check out this trailer for my friend, Author Tea Krulos',, new book entitled "American Madness". This trailer uses one of my FlatlineAudio138 tracks "KRAMPUSIsComing Pt. 3 (TragicMoments)" as the background.